Emily Hong

is a Seoul-born and New York-raised visual anthropologist, filmmaker and social change strategist who has worked in Thailand and Myanmar for a decade. An Assistant Professor of Visual Studies and Anthropology at Haverford College, Emily’s non-fiction film and video work combines feminist, decolonial and ethnographic approaches with impact-oriented storytelling. Emily’s films Get By (2014), Nobel Nok Dah (2015) and For My Art (2016) have explored solidarity and labor, womanhood and identity in the refugee experience, and the gendered spectatorship of performance art, respectively. Her current project Above and Below the Ground features indigenous women and punk rock pastors leading an environmental movement in Myanmar’s North. Emily is the co-founder of Ethnocine and Rhiza Collectives, co-host and producer of the Bad Feminists Making Films podcast, and a core member of the Asian American Documentary Network (A-DOC).