is rooted in intersectional feminist theory,

visual anthropology, documentary art, decolonial ethnographic filmmaking, and social justice work. We push the boundaries of non-fiction cinema through our vision and values:


We work against the colonial residue of conventional ethnographic filmmaking by centering ways of knowing and being in the world that are often marginalized. Our films immerse viewers in the sensorial, intimate, and embodied aspects of everyday life, inviting them to use their own social, cultural and political knowledge as a primary point of entry.


We see filmmaking as a deeply inclusive and collaborative process that spans multiple stages of production. The people featured in our films are more than just passive subjects--their artistic and political contributions are foundational to the stories we tell. At every stage of our creative work, we hold space for autonomy, multivocaltity, and creative dissonance among our crew.


Intersectional Feminism

We contest mainstream narratives through personal stories both on and off screen. Our filmmaking is committed to movement-building--working alongside communities to co-construct impact goals through media for political organizing, mobilizing new allies, or challenging harmful social, political or economic structures.