offers an intimate view into the lives of three refugee women


from Burma whose migratory paths cross in Thailand and eventually meet when they resettle to central New York. Drawing upon methods of feminist oral history and ethno-fiction, the film traces glimmers of subjectivity that complicate any singular narrative of the refugee experience. As camera movements follow the textures of everyday life and work, a weave of sensorial fragments immerses audiences in women's narratives of self, place, and belonging.


Directors: Emily Hong, Mariangela Mihai & Miasarah Lai

Featured & in collaboration with Nok Paw Bleh, Nobel Htoo & Dah Bu Poe



Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, Greece, 2015.

Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival, Yangon, Myanmar, 2016

Bangkok Underground Film Festival, 2016

Centrally Isolated Film Festival, Ithaca, NY 2016

Community venues with refugee audiences in Ithaca, Utica, and Buffalo, New York.

This was a β€œnew” experience of learning refugee stories for the anthropology students since we focused more on using our senses to listen and see and feel the stories, and I believe this kind of learning leaves a deep print on our beings.
— Tina Stavenhagen-Helgren, Chair of International Studies, Tompkins Cortland Community College