We facililtate workshops for youth, undergraduate and graduate

college students, service providers, NGOs, community-based organizations and professional associations. We can customize workshops and media curriculum to your institution’s needs.

Smart Phone

How to collect video field notes with your smarT phone

Participants learn the basic building blocks for documentary storytelling, experiment with different styles of ethnographic filmmaking, and participate in hands-on technical audio/visual work. Participants will gain skills that can be adapted to their unique contexts and methodologies.

Allied Media

introduction to anti-racist documentary techniques

Participants analyze how technologies have often worked to support racism and colonial projects throughout the history of filmmaking. Participants learn strategies for recognizing and subverting these trends and begin to decolonize their work.


community eye | re-seeing our home

This hands-on workshop introduces the core debates in visual anthropology and teaches documentary art modes to rethink the spaces you encounter on a daily basis.