follows two recycling workers, Stanley & Milton


as they bring their struggle for a living wage to the legislature, media, and the streets of Ithaca, New York. An exploration of precarity, worker-community solidarity and urban democracy, the film raises key questions about the public value of increasingly privatized work, and the challenges of organizing across divides of race and class.

Directed, Edited, Shot

by Emily Hong

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Worker’s Unite Film Festival, New York, 2015

Cine Festival Tornado, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016

Intimate Lens Film Festival, Italy, 2016

Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, NY 2016

The Right to the City in an Era of Austerity in Paris, France, 2016

Community venues in Ithaca, NY, 2016


Featuring & In collaboration with:

Stanley McPherson and Milton Webb

Directed, shot, and edited by: Emily Hong

Technical Specs


Running Time: 27 minutes

Language: English

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