explores the urban landscape of homelessness in the Bronx


borough of New York City. The number of people staying overnight in New York City shelters reached a record high of 53,615 in January 2014. Elena, a graduate student at Cornell University, traces her recent past of being chronically homeless for a decade in the Bronx. Her path intersects with others in precarious living situations. This piece explores people’s experiences of home and homelessness and the material and sonic ways in which these experiences of mobility and immobility are manifested.


Directors: Elena Guzman & Elizabeth Wijaya

Producers: Jose Casteñeda, James Macmillan & Natalie Nesvaderani

Camera: Weijie Lai, James Macmillan & Natalie Nesvaderani

Edit: Weijie Lai



Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), San José, Californiana