We facilitate workshops for youth, undergraduate and graduate

students as well as service providers, NGOs, community-based organizations and professional associations. We can customize workshops and media curriculum to your institution’s needs.

Smart Phone

Ethnographic Filmmaking with YOUR SMARTPHONE

Participants learn the basic building blocks for documentary storytelling, experiment with different styles of ethnographic filmmaking, and participate in hands-on technical audio/visual work. Participants will gain skills that can be adapted to their unique contexts and methodologies.

For anthropologists, researchers & documentary filmmakers

Allied Media


Ethnographic film and documentary have long been entangled with the colonial project of white supremacy and representing “the other.” Participants will learn the history of ethnographic filmmaking and strategies to decolonize film, such as technical camera skills that combat racist representations and promote alternative modes of storytelling that move beyond the “anthropological other”

For anthropologists, documentary filmmakers & journalists

Utica Screening

Centering Women’s Experiences in Refugee Resettlement

This workshop includes a screening and facilitated discussion of NOBEL NOK DAH, aimed at educators and refugee service providers who wish to use the film and multimedia discussion guide as a tool to spark discussions on themes such as the refugee experience, cultural shift & identity, gender, and storytelling.

For refugee resettlement agencies, educators & community organizations